The Sunday Currently #8

Hello 2015! This is my first Sunday Currently of the year (yep, I missed last week, but never mind that) and I am quite pumped! I don’t really want to join the bandwagon of putting in resolutions, and the year in review will come in a separate post. I do have great hopes for this year, and I am determined to make it an awesome year.


Holy shit, I think this is the year I’m finally getting things written down! I have started “officially” using my Moleskine planner and so far it’s working the way I want to. I’ve also started an actual written journal and a separate photodiary for some form of #ProjectLife, which I intend to put in another separate post because why not. I’m feeling good about this, and I’m beginning to get twinges of stories for the fiction that I want to write.


L’arc en Ciel is one of my favorite bands, and I am revisiting their music through Spotify. I’ve been listening to them since high school (!!) and I’ve never gotten tired of it. At the moment my favorite album is Awake.


Image credits: Spaceteam on Play Store
Image credits: Spaceteam on Play Store

I want to bring your attention to Spaceteam. Its blurb on the Play Store says it is “a cooperative shouting game”. If you are a fan of Star Trek, imagine you’re like a crew member with your own instrument panel on your phone screen. Prompts come up on top showing what action needs to be done or which instrument needs to be set at which level. Most of the time the prompt on your screen is for an instrument panel of another player’s. Hence you shout it at them and get them to follow it. At the same time, they are shouting back at you to follow their prompts! Hilarity ensues as you try to wrap your tongue around the appropriate technobabble such as “Set Geiger Powerlantern to 3” or “Unbind Iota-magnet”. The game will also throw curveballs such as asteroids (all players must shake the phone to avoid them) and wormholes (everyone must flip their phones upside down to survive them). My brothers and I love to play this, and I can’t wait to try a 4-player game!

Ahemmmm excuse me, the geek is leaking out.


I’ve just fallen into the black hole that is called hand lettering, fountain pens, planners, and calligraphy. There are soooo many blogs and sites that I need to read, but for now, I’m backreading The Well-Appointed Desk and Plannerisms. And finding even more stuff to read through them! On the bright side it’s keeping me inspired to further my skills.



There’s a new restaurant that opened up in my workplace. It’s called Balkan Kitchen, and it serves Yugoslavian home cooking. I’m enjoying it so far, so much that I want to try out as much of their dishes as I can in the succeeding lunch breaks.


There is always the issue of wanting to do too many things, and there’s only 24 hours in a day. I’m really hoping that this planner business is going to help me manage my time better this year, but unfortunately it seems like I’m also wanting to do even more things! I need a better way to manage my hobbies maybe. Perhaps there really is only so many hobbies one can pursue.


I find myself acquiring a lot of planner accessories (stickers, sticky notes, colored pens, highlighters, etc) more than makeup these days, which is surprising! I want to get more notebooks and sketchbooks, more markers and pens for lettering, and of course more stickers!


Thankful. As I said about two weeks ago we had our cat’s troublesome eye removed before it affects the rest of her body. The operation was quite successful, and the post-op was exhausting (for me, specifically because of all the meds and stuff she needs that I need to give; and for her, because she’s recovering). She is now finally allowed out of the crate and she cannot be happier! Five more days and the cone can come off as well, and everything will be back to normal, minus the eye!

7 thoughts to “The Sunday Currently #8”

  1. Yugoslavian cooking, that’s different! What kind of dishes do they serve?

    The Well-Appointed Desk is on my RSS reader too! Though I try to avoid fp/writing blogs because it just triggers that keeping-up-with-the-Joneses impulse and I end up spending 90% of my paycheck on things I don’t really have time to use properly! They are mighty useful for reviews and gift ideas though.

    Happy to read that your kitty’s eye is finally enucleated, that poor cat.

    1. Balkan Kitchen seems to have a lot of meat-stuffed-with-cheese dishes, which I am enjoying a lot! They also have a mean goulash (stew lover here).

      This fp/writing thing is indeed a black hole, and I am now just relying on my own limited spending capabilities to keep this from running away haha!

      Katkat is definitely happy it’s gone. I think it was distorting her face quite a bit, and I’m sure it was paining her a lot.

        1. I get notifications from wordpress itself, and because it’s a comment on my site. I find that a little worrying, because when I do comment on yours, I get notified when you reply! Is it in the commenting system?

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I am currently having tons of fun with the planner, hopefully I can keep it up for the rest of the year! 😛

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