The Sunday Currently #9

Yikes I actually skipped two weeks of this! I think this is much better than just publishing a half-assed entry, so bear with me if I skip a week or two here and there. I have just been too busy with work and could not find the time to photograph stuff.


I’m currently re-reading Jim C. Hines’ first quartet, Princesses. It’s a great take on the classic fairy tales (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), and re-imagined in the same world. It’s very action-packed and quite great in the characterization department. I just finished the first book, The Stepsister Scheme. Unfortunately I haven’t seen these in local bookstores (in fact none of Hines’ books are). I got these from Amazon, delivered through a forwarder. Check out his webpage for more info!


My journal/s. For the most part I have a large notebook for serious journaling, but I also decided to start mobile journaling (if there’s such a thing) in my Moleskine notebook. For the longest time I had been dithering about that because I could not imagine having multiple places to journal, but I could not really bring the large notebook with me because 1. it’s not hardbound, and 2. it’s a little too private. I’m keeping my journaling in the Moleskine pretty light, and most of it is really just rambling thoughts on the rare idle few minutes I find everyday.

I really like being able to write freely like this. It helps with keeping my sanity and temper intact. Perhaps it’s just confirmation bias, but I feel like whenever I skip a day journaling my temper really frays more quickly and I become more anxious and prone to panic attacks. Hence my decision to just go and journal on that tiny notebook that I bring with me everywhere.


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Just watched Into The Woods yesterday, and I have to say it’s now one of my favorite musical movies! I really liked the play version, and had really low expectations of the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were nuances in the lyrics/dialogues that were very hard to catch in the play version that were brought into the light in the movie. It made me appreciate just how nice the whole production is. Meryl Streep as the Witch is pretty awesome, and James Corden as the Baker really drew me in. Would rewatch again and again!


Have you heard of the idea of “pick two: time, money, energy”? That, when you’re young like a student, you get time and energy but no money; when you’re at the peak of your career, you get money and energy but no time; and when you’re old and retired, you get time and money but no energy. I’m at the second stage (peak of career), and I can say that this is not true. You’d be lucky to have even one! I’m likely mismanaging something in my life.


More time and energy! See below.


Exhausted again! Not only am I in a crunch time at work (busy season is upon me!), but I have decided to rescue more kittens. Meet these babies:

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Clearer picture of the three.

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Found in the general area where we find stray kittens. We heard them miaowing and I went and found them hidden in some rocks and bushes. No mother in sight. These are the tiniest ones I rescued so far, and unfortunately that means they aren’t really weaned yet. I hope these are really strays, but we suspect that someone threw them out after their cat gave birth. I have words to say to these people. Grr! Spay your cats if you don’t want kitties!

These are absolutely the last ones I can take in, though. It’s getting very crowded at home, and my time isn’t really increasing to take care of everyone. It still astounds me though that in a span of about six months, I went from having zero cats to five!

4 thoughts to “The Sunday Currently #9”

    1. I really love the mini journal notebook idea (I have one now, still Moleskine). The moment I let go of my reservations of having multiple journals, it’s actually working really well!

  1. This entry was so lovely, Pat! I’m going to add those Hines books to my reading list — definitely in the mood for some ass-kicking princesses. As for your thinking point, what if you have time…but no money or energy? Asking for a friend, of course 😛

    Love seeing your cats pop up on IG. And agree, people should spay their cats!!
    Bea recently posted…On Uniforms and Unnecessary ChoicesMy Profile

    1. Thanks Bea! 😀 If I had time, I think I can work on having no money since there are a lot of things that can be done on the cheap or for free. The problem of course is having no energy at the same time. Since this is also currently my problem (having no energy), I have no solutions to offer. 🙁

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