Three Pixy Lipstick Swatches

One (well, three) of the things I received during the Pixy launch is a set of three lipsticks, one each of their three lipstick lines. Today I’m here to show you the products and the swatches.


This is going to be very image-heavy, so be warned. Read on for the swatches!

First we have the Silky Fit Lipstick (Satin), and the shade I received is Autumn Apricot. When you buy it, it will come in this pale pink box with the signature Pixy logo and a smattering of white sparkles.


The shade name is of course printed on the box cover, along with a numerical code.


The list of ingredients is found on one of the box panels.


The actual lipstick tube is actually the same color as its box. This is important – the box itself already gives you a clue as to which line you are purchasing (as you will see later on with the other two lipsticks). The Pixy brand is printed on the side of the cap and the logo on top.

pixylips04 pixylips05

The shade name (and the product amount, 3.8 grams) is on the bottom of the tube.


Here is the actual product. From the tube Autumn Apricot looks like some sort of an MLBB brownish shade.


Let me just briefly show you the equivalent photos for the other two lines. Here we have the Silky Fit Lipstick (Semi Matte), and this particular shade is Red Chili. You’ll notice that the box and tube color are of a slightly deeper pink compared to the satin line above.


Here are the other product shots.

pixylips09 pixylips10 pixylips11 pixylips12 pixylips13

From the tube Red Chili looks to be a very bright red.


Lastly we have the Lasting Matte Lipstick, of the shade Peach Delicacy. The box and the tube are of a dark metallic pink, and is easy to distinguish from the Silky Fit Line.


Here are the other product shots.

pixylips16 pixylips17 pixylips18 pixylips19 pixylips20

From the tube Peach Delicacy looks exactly peachy.


Finally let’s move on to the swatches! Here are the three lipsticks side by side on my arm.


I was right in saying that Autumn Apricot is brownish, at least on my skin. Red Chili, on the other hand, is a really bright red. Both of these two are kind of glossy, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two in terms of finish. Peach Delicacy though is noticeably different in terms of finish – it does in fact point to being matte.

Here are the lip swatches. First is Autumn Apricot. It’s a pretty neutral color, somewhere between brown and peach, which does fall into my MLBB territory. The finish is quite glossy. From the arm swatch I was not such a huge fan, but when applied on the lips it looks much better.

pixylips23 pixylips24

Next we have Red Chili. As I predicted from the product color, it’s a pretty bright red. In addition it’s also a pretty glossy one, even if it’s supposed to be a semi matte shade. I do find it super wearable though, even if it’s bright, and as I said from one of my 20-days-of-lipstick, it’s not a “nakakatanda” kind of red.

pixylips25 pixylips26

Finally we have Peach Delicacy. Check out that matte finish. It looks pretty much like a very vibrant peach, and seems to be the type of shade that works well in an office setting. The drawback for this is that it’s a little hard to apply. I’m not so sure if it’s because of my lips, but the close up shot shows that it’s pretty patchy. I really enjoy the color though!

pixylips27 pixylips28

There you have it! I hope this helps you decide whether to get these shades. It’s not that expensive: Php245 for Silky Fit Satin, Php265 for Silky Fit Semi Matte, and Php325 for Lasting Matte. Pixy Cosmetics is now available in Watsons and certain SM Beauty sections.

Disclaimer: These lipsticks are part of the press kit given during the Pixy launch. I am not required to write about these and all opinions are my own.

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