Tiered Wishlist System

You may notice that I’ve been on a spending spree on traveler’s notebooks and planner stuff in general (embarrassingly obvious if you follow my Instagram). Honestly it’s getting out of hand, and I definitely need an intervention. Enter the wishlist system. This is not a novel concept, and there are a lot of resources out there talking about wishlists. The idea is that you put your want-to-buy in a list, and you are not allowed to buy anything outside of that list. There are obviously a lot of holes in this concept, the primary being the idea that you can just keep putting things on that list willy-nilly.

I’ve been using a wishlist for a long time, and obviously it is not working for me. I needed a more robust system to help reign in the urge to spend. The tweak I did on the wishlist system is to put tiers in it. Take a look at the example below. (You can click the photos for a higher resolution.)

tieredwishlist1 tieredwishlist2

On the left is the traditional wishlist. On the right is the tweak I put in, which is basically to label things with numbers. The idea is, I would label the items that I really really want as 1. The next ones that I don’t feel so strongly about would be labeled 2, and so on. I also cross out items that I’ve already bought, or changed my mind about wanting it.

The idea of the wishlist is still here: I am only allowed to buy things off this list. But! Now I am limited to first buying things off the ones marked with 1. I cannot buy other wishlist things unless I have bought everything from the 1, and only then I can start considering buying things off the 2 label, and so on. Of course, the overarching concept is that I can only buy things off the wishlist if I have the disposable funds to use; definitely not going into debt just to buy these things, since after all these are supposed to be just hobbies. I keep a wishlist like this in my planner-wallet or just my wallet to have a handy reminder of what I want to buy in case I wandered into a hobby store.

How do you deal with wishlists? How do you control spending, in general? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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