Traveler’s Notebook Features: Border Stitching

The next traveler’s notebook feature we are focusing on is border stitching. This usually comes built in when a maker offers pockets with their TN. For example, this one from Speckled Fawns called Rustic Kodiak has lots of pockets and results in a nice border stitching that goes around the front and back covers as well as the spine.


We also have this one from Sunday Leather Craft that has the same type of border stitching. The thread used for the stitching would usually match the leather, although some makers would also offer stitching in a contrasting color.


Some makers offer standalone border stitching for an extra fee. This one from Chicsparrow has border stitching but as it is in their Classic line it does not come with pockets. The contrasting color (white) looks really great against the brown of the leather, and it is mostly for this aesthetic purpose that I prefer getting stitching for my TNs.



Traveler’s Notebook Features


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