Traveler’s Notebook Features: Pockets

One of the more interesting additions to a traveler’s notebook are pockets. It gives that little extra that will help us bring our random bits such as ephemera, stickers, sticky notes, and such. I currently have only three traveler’s notebooks with pockets.


The Sunday Leather Craft chunky TN has a full length pocket at the front, with a smaller slip pocket on top of it. At the back is what is called a secretarial pocket, and allows for quick slipping in of random bits of paper.


The Gav and Sav cat print TN has a full length pocket at the front, with three smaller pockets on top of it. At the back is a small upright pocket that is as good as a secretarial pocket in the ease of slipping in papers.


The Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak has full length pockets on both sides. In addition, it has two half-length pockets on top of the full length pocket on the back of the TN. It is the only one I have that also has a front pocket as seen below, and it is a full length pocket as well.


Pockets are really quite handy and convenient, and reduces the need for a separate folder insert or two. The only disadvantage to having pockets is that they do add bulk to the TN itself. It can really make things heavy especially for leather TNs, and TNs that are of the bigger sizes (standard, A5). Pockets are also sometimes quite important especially if you intend to use a TN as a wallet as well, since you will need places to slip in your cards and money. I don’t really have preference whether or not to have pockets on my TN; it really depends on the use and the need.

Traveler’s Notebook Features


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