Traveler’s Notebook Features: Reinforced Spine

Coming from the TNF: Inner Elastics post, we now come to another traveler’s notebook feature: the reinforced spine. This feature is usually present in TNs with a thick spine and/or many inside elastics.


I’m featuring here my two chunkiest TNs: the Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak with a 1.5″ spine and the Sunday Leather Craft with a 2″ spine. As you can see in the photo above, there’s a separate stitching going around the spine itself. The reason is that the spine itself is reinforced, usually by another strip of leather on the inside of the cover.

tnf-reinforcedspine5 tnf-reinforcedspine4

Here’s a closer look at the Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak. There are four holes that the inside elastics are threaded through, which results to six elastics to hold the notebooks.

tnf-reinforcedspine3 tnf-reinforcedspine2

And here’s for the Sunday Leather Craft chunky TN. Here there are six holes that the inner elastics are threaded through. It still results in six elastics for the notebooks, but the spacing of the holes make it more evenly distributed across the spine. If the notebooks are doubled up on each inside elastic, there’s space for all the extra notebooks given that this has a 2″ spine.


Here’s a closer look at the spines of the two TNs as seen from the top. Definitely the reinforced spine is correspondingly thicker than a regular spine, because there are two layers of leather. This is definitely needed for a chunky TN because it needs to have enough of a backbone to hold up the weight of six or more notebooks. If there is no extra reinforcements, you can expect that the top and bottom of the spine where the inner elastics are threaded will sag inwards.

Traveler’s Notebook Features


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