Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Clock Sewdori by Gav and Sav

In yet another installment of this crazy series of traveler’s notebook buying, I present to you my second fabric TN. This one is made by Gav and Sav.


This is a regular sized traveler’s notebook, and is unique among those I have because of the pronounced spine. To be honest, at first I thought I wouldn’t like having a spine, but now that I’m actually using it I feel like it’s quite natural! When the notebook is completely full, it feels just like having a book!


This traveler’s notebook is constructed uniquely in several ways. The first one is of course the pronounced and sectioned spine. The second is the way the elastic closure is arranged.


Unlike most traveler’s notebooks, the Gav and Sav sewdori uses two flat elastics anchored in the front cover. There is an eyelet punched through here, where the elastics are threaded and where the key charm is attached. This way, the elastics actually go around the notebook front-to-back, instead of side-to-side (spine closures) or back-to-front (Midori style closures).


Here is a view of the inside fabric. It is a beautiful green shade. I neglected to mention that both the front and the back fabrics feel really heavy duty, and there is some stiff interfacing sandwiched between them so that the form of the notebook is intact. It is stiff, pliable, but I think not foldable or rollable (today is invent-a-word day, did you know?). Here you will see the back part of the elastic closure, where the eyelet is quite visible. There is also a view of the spine eyelets, arranged in the Midori fashion. However, since there is also two elastics here, there are automatically two elastics on which to install inserts without needing extra elastics.


Lastly, the notebook comes with two bookmarks that end in cute little charms. Going with the front charm, I chose lock and key charms for the bookmarks. They are super adorable!

Gav and Sav does not only sell traveler’s notebooks. As you can see, my order was actually a massive one! I got myself a big tote bag, two pouches, a passport holder (not a traveler’s notebook), and a pen roll, all in that same adorable cat print. #catlady in the house, yo. Unfortunately Lara (my wonderful and lovely Gav and Sav contact, and I suspect the maker of these items!) had run out of this fabric and could not make me a matching traveler’s notebook. I am first in line though once she restocks!

Overall I am very very happy with my Clock Sewdori, even if it’s not my first choice of fabric print. I love clocks and this has a nice vintage-y feel to it, and the charms are really adorable! This is a good choice of traveler’s notebook especially for vegans, since this is fabric and not leather. It feels very durable, and can take rough handling (which is my default!). This TN costs Php850 with three inserts.

Would you like to check out Gav and Sav’s traveler’s notebooks and other items? Head on over to their Instagram!

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  1. Thank you Pat for a wonderful review!🙏🏼. It would be great if you have comments on needs for improvement. This would help the many pairs of hands(at least 3…sometimes more) that works for each GavNSav product improve on quality.

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