Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Notedori by NotedJournalPh

I had the opportunity to trade some of my underutilized paper items for a regular sized Notedori with V of NotedjournalPh. I’ve always wanted to try a Notedori as well, and it had sat in my wishlist for quite some time. It arrived neatly packaged with the signature Noted logo and the cute paper ribbon.


I got the dark brown regular size Notedori, which is really quite dark to be almost black. It is a very classy color and looks very professional. The Notedori comes with a strip of leather of a contrasting color on the elastic closure, as well as a cute little charm. It also came with a few blank inserts also packaged similarly.


I also recently got myself a bit of bright pink elastic, and I thought it goes really well with my dark brown Notedori. I swapped out the original brown closing elastic for a pink one, and attached one of my favorite charms. I also installed my Tali-Ti-Amianan tassel on the spine. I like how suddenly it has a lot of personality!


The regular size is a bit wide, and can take around 4 or 5 inserts. I have here three regular size inserts and a couple of folder and envelope inserts, and there is barely any overhang. I’d like to note here that the corners are not rounded.


The inside of the cover is a felt-like material. It looks like it’s not the same one as the front of the cover and that it has been adhered together. It’s very difficult to tell though, and it’s barely noticeable. The cover is on the stiff side, not at all floppy.


The eyelets are also very well set. There is absolutely no snagging. It’s also not very difficult to restring, and eventually I decided to restring the inside elastics as well with the same bright pink one I used for the outside elastic.


I am very pleased with my regular size dark brown Notedori. If I’m not mistaken, the regular size is valued at Php480, and it comes with inserts. Want your own Notedori? Check out their Instagram page!

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