Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Planners and Journals Scarlet Dailydori

I have always wanted to try one of Planners and Journals’ traveler’s notebooks, but I haven’t gotten around to getting one. That is, until they released the Scarlet version, I knew I had to get it! Red is one of my favorite colors, and the PnJ Scarlet is such a rich and luscious red!


The one I bought is the regular size, which is equivalent to that of Midori regular size. Each order of a PnJ Dailydori comes with your choice of two inserts from their line, and this set costs Php950 for most variants. This is real leather and therefore comes with that distinctive leather scent. I had this shipped with my October Planner Kit, and I could smell the leather before even opening the box!


It is also not a thick kind of leather. It’s very soft and flowy, and hugs the inserts right off the bat. It’s not at all similar to Midori’s leather.


The inside of the cover is rough and uneven. I think this is how it really looks cut out of the hide. It does not bother me, and in fact I think it adds a unique character to my notebook.


The inserts that I chose are a standard graph, and a weekly graph layout. As per my usual experience with their inserts, the paper is of very good quality and can take most media.

pnjscarlet2 pnjscarlet3

My current setup for the PnJ Scarlet Dailydori is just two books. The one on the left is my blog planner, and the one on the right is my work log. This results in a thin and very neat profile.


I will definitely post a more in-depth review once I have put this through a lot of use. So far I’m very pleased, and as always the leather scent is just wonderful!

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