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To start with, I did not actually purchase this traveler’s notebook from Shuttercreations directly. I bought this secondhand off one of the Facebook planner groups for a reasonable price of Php500. This price paid for the cover, two grid inserts, and two card holders. Let me first show you the cover.


This red polka dot pattern is called the Rouge Polkas. It is my first traveler’s notebook made of fabric. It is not floppy at all as there seems to be an interfacing material in between the inside and outside fabrics.


This traveler’s notebook has a spine closure, which is actually preferable to a back-closure. Strangely enough, only the spine closure has an eyelet while the other four holes are left bare.


The inside of the cover is the same polka dot pattern but in blue. The contrast is lovely. The arrangement of the elastic holes is similar to that of Midori’s. The size is roughly the same as well, meaning it can probably comfortably take only three inserts.


As I mentioned earlier, this set came with a pair of grid notebooks (with rounded corners) and a pair of card holders. The notebooks seem a little beat up, even if unused. The card holders (12 slots each) are quite pristine.

I feel fairly lucky to have scored this particular Shutterdori. I love red and this red-and-white polka dot is quite lovely and would have been the pattern I’d have chosen if I bought brand new. Shuttercreations is currently on a temporary hiatus, so I would not have been able to get a brand new one at the moment even if I wanted to. The deal was pretty sweet, as the brand new price of a Tall Minimal Traveler such as this Rouge Polkas is at Php339. The cover seems well maintained for a second hand item. The addition of the two card holders made the price quite worth it!

As I said, Shuttercreations is on hiatus, but you can still check out their items on their Instagram feed.

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