Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Words TN by Aireescreates

Finally we come to the last installment of my traveler’s notebook buying rampage. This one is quite interesting because, well, you’ll see.


This traveler’s notebook is made by a wonderful artist named Airees. She released her collection of traveler’s notebooks that features her own artwork on the cover called “Musings in Color”. In her own words she describes her TNs:

Made of our Philippine handmade paper from abaca & other indigenous fibers, it is tear-resistant, lightweight and eco-friendly. It becomes flexible as you use it.
I have always been an advocate of sustainability and buying locally to uplift the lives of our fellow Filipinos. As I embark on this creative journey, my dream of incorporating my love for color & journaling with our eco-friendly handmade paper has come true by coming up with these meaningful products lovingly-made by our talented local artisans.

I hope in my own little way, I am creating a ripple in supporting our homegrown artisans and emerging artists like me.


Yes, this beautiful piece of art in the form of a traveler’s notebook is actually made of paper! It is indeed incredibly light, and is the lightest of all my TNs. It is also the only one I currently have that has edge stitching, which I absolutely love! As it is made of paper, it might not be fold-resistant, so any creases that is applied onto the cover will probably remain.


Here is the cover in all its full-spread glory. This design is called “Words”, and is one of eight designs Airees has released in the Musings in Color collection. As you can see, the elastic closure is the traditional back installation like a Midori.


The inside elastic is stringed similar to a Midori as well, except for the fact that there are two elastics installed already. This makes it a lot easier to put inserts in without having to get extra elastics to hold the inserts together. And check out that dark part near the edge of the inside. That is actually a full length pocket! This again makes this TN unique in my collection as this is my first that has this particular feature.


The front inside cover is similarly constructed, and has another full-length pocket. The red elastic is really a great touch! The TN is constructed on the narrow side, so it can comfortably hold maybe 2-3 regular inserts without overhang. The Words traveler’s notebook costs Php350 and comes with two blank inserts, but I was able to get mine for a slightly lower price during the promo preorder period before she launched the shop.

Airees actually has a whole product range per design. She has a coin purse, a long wallet, an A6 journal, and a bigger 8.5″x5.5″ journal to match the traveler’s notebook. Check out the rest of her products on her Instagram, and also her shop.

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