Unboxing and Swatches: More Saizen Cosmetics

While this technically didn’t come in a box, I wanted to show you the unwrapping of my most recent purchase from Saizen. Unsurprisingly, it’s more cosmetics! I have purchased from Saizen before and have been mostly pleased with the products, so I didn’t hesitate to get more when given the chance. Here are the three products I purchased, each at Php88.

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead! [You can click on each photo for a bigger size.]


Clockwise from the left we have Eye Shadow in Brown, six-shade eyeshadow palette; Crystal Cream Eyecolor in Cocoa, a cream eyeshadow; and Ellefar Princess Nudy Lip in Peach, a nude lipstick. All are sold sealed, and there are no testers available in-store. Here’s the “unboxing” and photos of the individual products.


First up we have Eye Shadow in Brown. This is a neutral eyeshadow palette consisting of six shades. There are no names for the individual shades, so I am just calling them numbers 1 to 6 from left to right. Below we have the close ups of the cardboard backing, and the instructions for use, precautions for using, and list of ingredients. It also tells us the net weight of the product: 11.4 grams.

saizencosmetics04 saizencosmetics05 saizencosmetics06 saizencosmetics07

This is the relative size of it compared to my hand. It’s a pretty handy palette and can be quite portable. The plastic seems pretty durable, but I wouldn’t risk dropping this. It also comes with a long handled double ended sponge applicator, which I will probably not use beyond the swatching. The colors look really good, although they lean towards the darker browns. There is also a large pan of white eyeshadow, which I suspect might be meant as a base since it’s almost twice the amount as any of the other five. I think there are at least two more variations of this palette; I remember a Pink palette which I didn’t get because it leaned towards purple which I already have a lot of, and I think a Blue and a Gray palette either of which I am not interested in.

saizencosmetics10 saizencosmetics08 saizencosmetics09

Secondly we have Crystal Cream Eyecolor in Cocoa, my very first cream eyeshadow!


This is a small tub of cream eyeshadow in the shade Cocoa, which I suspected would be a dark brown. Below are again some close ups of the cardboard backing, instructions for use, precautions for using, and list of ingredients. The net weight of this tub is 3.5 grams.

saizencosmetics12 saizencosmetics13

The interesting part of this product is that it comes with two caps. The basic tub comes with a dark brown cap (which is why I thought the cream eyeshadow would be that shade), and there is an alternate silver cap with a green plastic gem. I guess you can choose to change it to the fancy cap when you take this out or something? I thought it was a neat feature! I am really looking forward to trying this out!

saizencosmetics14 saizencosmetics15 saizencosmetics16 saizencosmetics17

Lastly we have Ellefar Princess Nudy Lip in Peach. As I am using my Ellefar eyeshadow palettes quite regularly, I thought it would be nice to try out their lipsticks.


It comes in this cute black-and-silver tube with a bit of the product peaking out. As the name suggests, I thought it would be a nice nude shade. I am not really a fan of nude lipsticks, but I thought I’d try this out. After all, it’s only Php88. Below are again some close ups of the cardboard backing, instructions for use, precautions for using, and list of ingredients. The net weight is 3.6 grams, a little smaller than the usual lipsticks.


Like the cream eyeshadow above, this lipstick comes with two caps that you can interchange. One is the clear cap that we see in the packaging, and the other is a black cap that matches the bottom. I’m not sure what I prefer, as they both look kinda cool! Check out the nice swirly bits on the top of the caps.

saizencosmetics21 saizencosmetics22 saizencosmetics23 saizencosmetics24

Are you ready for the swatches? Here they are!


I’ve swatched them all in a row, and labeled them accordingly. As you can see, shade 1 in the eyeshadow palette is nearly invisible on my skin, while shades 4 and 5 are almost similar swatched even though they look different in the pan. I love shades 2 and 3, and I suspect I’ll be using those quite frequently. The cream eyeshadow is this startling shimmery shade that almost has no browns in it! I’m hoping this looks better on the eye. And the nude lipstick is no such thing! Look at that almost brick red shade. I’ll be posting a separate lip swatch for comparison. Here again are the swatches, this time under sunlight.


Shade 1 is a little bit more visible here, and the difference between shades 4 and 5 are more evident. I’ll be following this up with an eye look too, so watch out for it!

There we go! I hope you liked my “unboxing” and swatches. Which of these did you like best?

As parting shot, let me show you a glimpse of one of the makeup shelves in Saizen Trinoma. Can you guess why I ended up buying three? Or a better question is, how come I only bought three?!


12 thoughts to “Unboxing and Swatches: More Saizen Cosmetics”

  1. LOVE THE LIPPY! And the gem cap for the cream shadow, haha! Be careful tho. Hear a lot of scandals about inexpensive makeup having too much of certain chemicals (giving toxic exposure) or having plain toxic chemicals.

    1. Sadly the lippy is pretty patchy on the lip. I would normally stay away from inexpensive and untested makeup but I would be okay with the Saizen brand.

  2. I am so curious about Saizen’s makeup. I always enjoy window shopping but I never get to buy since I’m scared. :)) Haha. Now I know I don’t have to be scared, okay naman pala sila. Super cute yung packaging ng Crystal Cream Eyecolor! 😀

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