Unboxing: Dazzle Dry Afternoon Tea Collection

Dazzle Dry Philippines had a facebook contest recently, and I am quite fortunate to have won one of the three prizes. It arrived last week and came packaged in a nice cardboard heart box.

Dazzle1As I’ve mentioned once or twice in this blog, I adore containers! And this one is just the cutest! This shot is not that great, but the body of the box has printed roses. It reflects the personality of the nail polish collection, which I will talk about below.

Let’s see what’s inside:

Dazzle2Oooh what do we have here? A green box peeks out from the inside of the heart box, with the name Dazzle Dry printed on top. We also see glimpses of tiny polish bottles interspersed with macaroni-looking packing peanuts.

Dazzle3That green box is the Dazzle Dry Trinity Kit. It contains a 30-ml bottle of Nail Prep, and 15-ml bottles of Base Coat and Top Coat. There is also an instruction manual inside, which teaches how to use the Dazzle Dry nail system (which claims to have dry manicures in just 5 minutes). I’ve already tried it, and I can say simply that it works. I’ll have a more thorough review in another post.

But let’s move on to the actual star of this show: the Afternoon Tea collection.

Dazzle4This is their Spring 2013 collection, and is composed of these four lovely shades. From left to right, they are: Forget Me Not (a rather deep kind of baby blue), Petit Four (a delicious peach shade), Spearmint Tea (a nice bright blue-green), and Strawberry Macaron (a very dainty baby pink). These are of course only sample sizes of 5-ml each. The full sized products are 15 ml.

I will definitely feature all these shades in a separate post. But let me just tell you that I fell completely in love with Dazzle Dry, and am seriously considering sticking only to this brand. Thank you so much to Dazzle Dry Philippines for letting me try your products!

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