Unboxing my Glamourbox Boutique Order

Last August 15-16 Glamourbox held their first ever store-wide sale in their online boutique. I had already been eyeing their newly-added nail polish brand, Models Own, especially since they also carry the nail art pens. Not surprisingly I pounced on this whopping 25% off sale. Unfortunately my budget is also extremely limited, so I had to content myself with these three items.

With the almost week-long interruption by the habagat/Maring, my package was delayed for a bit. Finally it arrived safely, and each item is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to minimize breakage. Check it out! Each is sealed by the cute GB sticker.


From Models Own I got one regular polish (Jade Stone) and one nail art pen (black), but I would have gotten more if I had the funds! I also purchased one of the Misa Wanderlust collection, Frozen in Time. I wanted to get Taking Chances as well but I ran out of funds by this point.


Jade Stone is a nice mint green. It comes in a cylindrical bottle, and the shade name is found at the bottom. I like the color on the bottle, and I hope it applies in a similar shade. I love green and I intend to start a collection of green polishes. I liked the fact that it arrived sealed. The regular price of a Models Own polish is Php365, but I got it for only Php274 during the sale.

gbloot04 gbloot05 gbloot06 gbloot07 gbloot08

The Nail Art Pen is housed in a pretty rad looking box, with a different print in each of the three sides. The fourth side holds the instructions and information. There’s a funny (scary?) looking eye on the box top, while ingredients are printed at the bottom. The pen itself is a little smaller than I expected (I was expecting pen-sized!). This is dual-tipped: one tip is a very fine pen tip and should be able to draw very narrow lines. The other tip is a striper and is a very thin and long brush. I expect this to be able to make thicker lines than the pen tip. I can’t wait to try both of those out! The nail art pens normally costs Php440, but I got mine for only Php330 during the sale.

gbloot09 gbloot11 gbloot12 gbloot10 gbloot13 gbloot14 gbloot15 gbloot16

Misa Wanderlust Frozen in Time is a dull blue with silver specks. This is my favorite shade of the Wanderlust collection, decided after researching swatches online. It has a wonderful boxy bottle, and you can already see the cloudy blue of the shade. I can’t wait to try this out! The Wanderlust polishes normally costs Php345 but I got mine for Php249.

gbloot02 gbloot03

There you have it! I really do wish I bought more. Hopefully there will be another sale at the Glamourbox Boutique.

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    1. The pen has two ends: a pen-tip which does really fine lines, and a thin striper. I haven’t tried the striper yet, but I will put up a review soon! 🙂

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