Unboxing the April GlamourBox

It’s finally here! Actually I received this last April 30, but I am only now able to write about it. Without further ado, let’s see what we have for the April Glamourbox!

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This April the theme is Green Beauty. “This month, we honor the source of all beauty, Mother Earth! We therefore selected eco-friendly products that offer natural benefits to enhance your beauty. We hope you enjoy these exciting discoveries as much as we do!” A theme close to my heart! I love this month’s theme, I’m always in favor of using eco-friendly products. Let’s see what these are.

Full size 0.10oz – Php735

First up: Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink (wow what a mouthful!). The welcome card says: “Think happy thoughts as this subtly blooming, super-nourishing gel crayon tints your lips in true Tinker Bell style. With shea butter & lip-plumping hyaluronic acid, it will keep your lips in optimum condition.” A tinted lip balm! This will be my first. I love the packaging, and am quite surprised that this has Tinkerbell branding. I’ve already tried it, and it does have a sheer color to it. I’ll do a swatch and a quick review of this soon. This is full sized, so the item value is Php735.

Full size 0.2oz – Php740

Next we have Mox Botanicals Lip Butter in Coconut Almondine. The card says: “Made with 100% natural ingredients, Mox Botanicals lip butters incorporates the benefits of shea and avocado butter with Jojoba and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to create a truly luxurious lip experience.” Hmm, another lip butter/balm? To be honest I’m not as excited about this as the Pixi tint. I have a lot of lip balms in line for trying, so I’m not really looking for more to try yet. Not to mention, those beads of moisture on the surface does not inspire confidence either. I’m not sure how much this sample contains, but let us assume that this might be the full size so item value should be the full Php740.

Full size 140g – Php250

This one is Mir & Ryvi Banana Soap, for which the card says “Made only from ethically sourced organic banana, acerola extract and cupuacu butter, this Mir & Ryvi soap lightens acne scars and age spots to promote natural skin elasticity and renewal.” Interesting product, as I haven’t seen a lot of beauty products based on banana. Unfortunately I am already trying another facial soap at the moment, so it will probably take some time before I try this one out. On the bright side, I don’t think soap expires, so there should be no rush to try this. (Do correct me if I’m wrong with this.) I estimate this to be about 50g, so item value is around Php90.

Full size 130g – Php94

Next we have Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Anti-Ageing Serum Bar. According to the card, “The first wash-off serum bar in the Philippines. It effectively lightens and moisturizes one’s skin. It is loaded with moringa, acai berry, kojic acid, papaya, lemon extracts and lactic acid.” A serum bar! Talk about innovative. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Droplets of Nature, and this one sure is very intriguing. I’m sure this is the full sized bar, so item value is a full Php94.

Full size 275ml – Php195

This is Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion, the biggest and heaviest product in the box. The welcome card says, “Replenish skin with an instant burst of hydration! This 100% oil-free lotion is made with cucumber, aloe vera, vitamin E and natural sunscreen ingredients for a cool & fresh daily summertime protection.” I might have mentioned once or twice in this blog that I am a lotion fan, so this one really excited me a lot. This feels like the full 275ml, so item value is Php195.

Full size 50ml – Php395

Lastly we have Regatta Leisure for Men and Leisure for Women fragrance samples as bonus items. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised about receiving fragrance samples in my beauty subscriptions, but a girl can hope. Oh well, hopefully I will enjoy the scents. I haven’t tried them out yet as they are sealed. These are probably around 2ml each, so total item value of the samples is about Php32.

I didn’t receive the soap flakes that other subscribers received. That was probably for the quarterly subscribers so I’m not surprised to get one. It’s just a little sad, I guess. Let me also mention that this box did not have any vouchers or gift certificates.

My impressions of the April Glamourbox: I find it quite interesting that this is mostly a skincare box, with only the Pixi tint being the only cosmetic item. In general I like the items (except of course the fragrance and the lip balm) and look forward to trying them all out. Hopefully though, the next box will contain more cosmetics.

Value review: The total value of this box is around Php1890, assuming that the Mox Lip Butter is full sized. The Pixi tint alone covers the price of the box (Php595) so I did get my money back and then some. Most of the items I liked here are the lower-priced ones though (which means I will probably rebuy them if I like their performance).

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