Unboxing the Avon Glamourbox Special Edition

With great excitement I present to you the unboxing and first impressions of the BEST Glamourbox ever released. Glamourbox has promised about four times the peso value of this box, and they have delivered! Let me show you what is inside.

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead! [You can click on each photo for a bigger size.]


After seeing that nice limited edition cover, check out what’s inside.


You will be greeted by this welcome card, which emphasizes that this box will focus on the vibrant hues and playful shades of Avon’s latest makeup collection. Those magic words! Any beauty enthusiast will have a big smile for those.


Opening it up you will see what is so far the most packed of any Glamourbox. There was barely any filler confetti.


And here is the back of the welcome card. This is a most amazing list, and again is the longest product list compared to previous Glamourbox welcome cards. From here on I will present to you the products in this box, starting with the full sized ones. As usual it will be in the order shown in the welcome card.

First up we have the Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Pop. This is one of the two boxes carefully enclosed in bubble wrap to prevent breakage (see the third photo above). It is a palette of four shades of purple, and we are given an application guide at the bottom of the palette. It comes with a big ass mirror and a dual-ended sponge applicator. The purples are such nice shades and I can’t wait to try them out. I think this will do perfectly for a date night. This is of course the full sized quad, and costs Php449.

avongb17 avongb18 avongb19 avongb20

The next is Avon Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara in Black. This may be the biggest tube of mascara I’ve ever seen, and in such a gorgeous shade of teal too! I wouldn’t be ashamed showing this in public, it’s so unique! This promises a big boost to volume (up to 15x!) and also claims to be waterproof. This comes in great time as we are now smack dab in the middle of the rainy season. With great tube comes great wand size. It has a pretty large wand but with short bristles. Hopefully I don’t stab myself in the eye with this, as with my experience with previous large-wanded mascaras. There cannot be doubt that this is full sized; this costs Php420.

avongb33 avongb35avongb34  avongb36

Next we have Avon Skin Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Nude. This was my favorite item upon first glance at the contents of the box. I’m in a BB cream phase and getting to try new ones is really exciting! It claims to be enriched in vitamins and is suited to sensitive skin. Yay that is such a great promise, and I will definitely do a review of this soon. The only weird part I found with this is that this tube is apparently already full sized, at only 18 grams. This is even smaller than the Celeteque BB Cream, which I thought to be already small for a BB cream tube. I did some initial swatching below. This tube costs Php399.

avongb05 avongb06 avongb07 avongb08 avongb09

The second box in the bubble wrap is next, Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach. It has pretty much the same casing as the eyeshadow quad above, with the same big ass mirror (a good thing I assure you!). Unlike the quad, this comes with the cover cling wrapped. I cannot tell you enough that I’m happy to receive a peach shade! My blushes are usually pinkish or reddish, so getting something I don’t have yet is quite a thing. It even comes with its own blush brush, and it doesn’t seem half bad! The bristles are soft enough and doesn’t seem too small; makes this a perfect portable blush. I haven’t swatched this yet, but I expect to write a review for this.  It is full sized and costs Php370.

avongb13 avongb14 avongb15 avongb16

We have another tube next, the Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Fiery Red. This is perhaps the one that I wasn’t excited about the most. I am not a big fan of glosses mostly because they disappear too quickly and gives me a sticky feeling while I have them on. This one promises to moisturize without the sticky feel, so I’m willing to give it a chance. That bright red shade is a little frightening though, but one needs to break personal barriers so I’ll soldier on. This is full sized and costs Php299.

avongb28 avongb29 avongb31 avongb32 avongb30

Next we have another lip product, the Avon Ultra Color Lipstick SPF15 in Hibiscus. Now this is more like it! A proper lipstick, and it has spf too! It comes in what I think is the usual Avon lipstick bullet, black plastic with silver accents. Hibiscus is such a nice girly pink, and seems like it will be a great everyday color. Swatches and review will definitely be done for this. It’s full sized, and costs Php379. (Pardon the shot of the shade name, it’s upside down haha!)

avongb23 avongb24 avongb25 avongb26 avongb27

I’m going to skip the next item in the list since it’s sample sized (I’ll do those for last) and instead discuss first this Avon Anew Vitale Day Cream SPF25. Although the box promised makeup items they did include some skincare, which I will definitely not complain about! I love skincare, and I’ve been particularly curious about Avon’s skincare line. This particular one is a day cream with spf, always a bonus when something is a multitasker. It comes in this tiny jar which feels like glass. It is full sized at 15 grams, and costs Php399. I am definitely trying this out and will report back on how it performs.

avongb10 avongb11 avongb12

Finally we come to the sample sized items. The one I skipped earlier is Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Red Kiss. I got two tiny tubes of this, which I thought was pretty cute! They look like toys! This promises moisturizing while providing an intense color. I confess I’m still afraid of red lipsticks, but I’m willing to give this a shot. This tiny tube is 0.5 grams, and costs Php62.50 each (full size 3g, Php375). As an aside, some boxes will contain the other variant, Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF15 in Charged Cherry. I gather it’s similar to the Hibiscus one in formulation, but is also dark red like the one I got.

avongb21 avongb22

Lastly we come to a bunch of sachet samples. Normally I would have been annoyed to get sachets, but these are samples of the products that I actually wanted to try from the Avon Anew Genics line. The ones I got are two sachets of Avon Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate, one sachet of Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream, and one sachet of Avon Anew Genics Eye Cream. This line is their anti-aging line. While I am not that old yet, I am starting to look into these and the Anew Genics line is one of my candidates. The Treatment Concentrates are 2ml samples and costs Php119.9 each (full size 30ml, Php1799), the Treatment Cream is 2g and costs Php86.6 (full size 30g, Php1299), and the Eye Cream is 1g and costs Php86.6 (full size 15ml, Php1299).


There you have it! The glorious box of Avon products, revealed!

My impressions of the Avon Glamourbox Special Edition: If you haven’t gathered by now, I am absolutely in love with this box. SIX full sized makeup products, a set that actually almost completes a makeup kit! You’d probably only need something for the brows, and maybe a setting powder, and you have yourself a complete set. This is perfect for those starting out in the world of makeup, and guess what? You only needed to pay Php595!

Value review: The total value of this box, including the sample sized items, is actually a little above Php3100! What a great value! That’s five times the subscription cost! If you take into account only the full sized items, the box value is Php2718 which is still quite great value. This is a lot more than the usual of about Php1800 per box and it really seems like Glamourbox took the idea of special edition to heart. I’m hoping that they will release more special editions in the future!

Did you get one? What did you think of it?

15 thoughts to “Unboxing the Avon Glamourbox Special Edition”

    1. So far so good, I tried it today. It survived through an intense day with lots of sweating, and it seemed to have held together. And it didn’t irritate my skin! 😀

    1. That’s something, coming from the Subscription Box Queen! 😀 I can only compare it with one other box but you can compare it against all the others! 😀

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