Unboxing the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

Preface: I am now moving on to the actual individual Glamourbox titles instead of sticking them to a specific month. Now that Glamourbox is not really a monthly box, it just makes sense. In addition, I received the box kind of in between two months, which makes it difficult to tell which month it belongs to!

Moving on to business! This is quite a special Glamourbox in that the target market is mothers. I find that it’s a refreshing thing and as a mother I am looking forward to seeing what it contains. I can see though that it might turn off some potential subscribers especially if they aren’t mothers or there are no babies or young kids in their lives.

Beauties and Babies: Motherhood is such an exciting moment in any woman’s life. Whether you are expecting, or blessed with a bundle of joy, embrace everything beautiful that comes with it with this curated beauty and skincare selection!

The box of course is the usual sturdy Glamourbox box, with pink tissue hiding all that goodness.


And here’s what’s inside! Check out this full box, whoa!


Read on for more information about each individual item.

In this context, please note that while I am a mother, I am not a new one. My daughter is 8 years old, and is definitely quite far from being a baby (as she often reminds me). My comments regarding the items in this box come from this perspective.


The first item that I’m pretty excited about is Bio-Oil. I’ve seen a lot of raves about this particular item, which claims to repair scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. I do have a lot of those, and I’m quite excited to see just how effective this product is. I’m quite surprised that the product itself looks pretty runny! This is the full sized 60ml bottle, which costs Php495.


The second one that I’m excited about is this pair of tiny tubes. These are Milea Sniffles Balm and Sleep Balm, which contains organic stuff to soothe cough and colds and to assist babies (and children, I’m hoping!) to fall asleep. My daughter is pretty prone to cough and colds, so the Sniffles Balm will definitely come in handy! More so in this rainy weather! The Sleep Balm will definitely be used as well, most probably by my daughter, as she sometimes has problems falling asleep (mostly if she feels too worked up to settle down). Milea is a brand I haven’t heard of before, but I like the fact that it’s organic. Initial sniffs reveal that the scents are in fact quite soothing. The tubes are just sample sizes actually, but I think they are better than the full size so I feel quite good about these. Just be careful because you’re supposed to open them from the “butt” end (the right side in the photo) and have the product extrude out by twisting the white end. I did it the other way around, so I’m really hoping I haven’t damaged the tubes!

The price information in the curation card is actually a little wrong. According to their website, they do sell this size of product (about 2.5 grams) for Php70 for the Sleep Balm and Php75 for the Sniffles Balm. They have a bigger tube, 16.5 grams, that goes for Php125 for the Sleep Balm and Php175 for the Sniffles Balm. Do check them out, as they have a wide range of organic products that include skin care, baby care, mineral cosmetics, and even bee products!


The next one I’m interested in comes in this cute metal tin. This is Eden’s Paradise Whitening Blue Salve, which is actually a micropeeling salve with natural oils intended to whiten areas such as armpits, bikini line, knees, elbows, and old scars. I’m intending to use this specifically for my armpits, which is not really dark, but not as evenly colored as I would like. The packaging looks really cute, but I’m a little concerned about the hygienic aspect of this. It smells pretty mild. There is no information about how much product this tiny tin has. At a guess, I’ll put this at around 10 grams to be generous. The full sized 40 grams one costs Php289, so this sample tin costs Php72.25.


I like this pair of Li’l Tots Baby Wipes next. I’m always in favor of having some baby wipes in my bag, especially when I’m going out with my family. Children really do have that tendency to attract all sorts of dirt, so this definitely will come in handy. It’s a brand I haven’t tried, although to be honest there really doesn’t seem to be any huge difference between brands of baby wipes that I have tried. The 60-wipe pack costs Php65, and these are the 10-wipe pack which comes out to about Php10.83 each.


These next items are pretty much on the same level of interest, but I would like to discuss them each briefly. Natasha Beauty Heel Mate aims to smooth out rough, cracked heels, knees and elbows. As I rarely really go out in leather shoes, my heels are quite fine. I have no issues with my knees and elbows as well, so I can’t really see any use for this personally. However, any new mom can attest that pregnancy can cause all sorts of damage to the body, and this product will definitely come in handy for those cases. We are given the full size of 25 grams, which costs Php195.

beautiesandbabiesgb13 beautiesandbabiesgb12

We got quite a bunch of Mustela products in this box. This first pair is Mustela 9 Months Comfort Nursing Balm and Stretch Marks Double-Action. This is of course targeted for the new mothers, especially the nursing balm. I’m not nursing, so I have no use for that. The stretch marks balm though might come in handy, as I still bear a lot of those from my pregnancy. I’m not sure if it will work though, as these are very old stretch marks. The nursing balm’s full size 30ml costs Php690, so this 3ml sachet costs Php69. The stretch mark cream’s full size is 250ml and costs Php1990, which puts this 10ml sample tube at Php79.60.

beautiesandbabiesgb14 beautiesandbabiesgb10

This second pair of Mustela products are Mustela bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream and Physiobebe Cleansing Fluid. These names are not quite descriptive of what they do, but basically the barrier cream prevents diaper rash, while the cleansing fluid is just a liquid soap. I’m pretty sure I can make use of the cleanser, but I will probably need to set aside the barrier cream for gifting. The full sized barrier cream is 100ml and costs Php490, which puts this 10ml sample tube at Php49. The full sized cleansing fluid is 300ml and costs Php690, which puts this generous 50ml sample at Php115.


Last but definitely not the least, we have Baby Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath and Children’s Shampoo. How cute are these bottles?! These are gentle products directed for babies, but should also be applicable for older children especially the shampoo. I will give these to my daughter, or maybe save it up for travel, as these tiny bottles are just perfect for a 2-3 day trip. I’m starting to like this brand, and kudos to Glamourbox for letting me try their various lines. The bubble bath’s full size is 200ml and costs Php425, which puts the 25ml sample bottle at Php53.13. The shampoo’s full size is 150ml and costs Php425, which puts the 20ml sample bottle at Php56.67.

Before we go to my summary, let me just share with you the curation card. The back is quite crowded and the font is pretty small, so don’t hesitate to click on it for a larger version.

beautiesandbabiesgb03 beautiesandbabiesgb04

My impressions of the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox: To be honest, this box is not for everyone definitely. It just happens that I can make use of most of the items in the box, and that makes me happy about it. There is a good variety of products, and a mix of full and sample sizes, and brands that are both well known and new. This box is actually going to make a fantastic gift to an expecting mom, and it’s super cheap at Php595 but the contents are pretty competitive. If you know anyone expecting, or has just given birth recently, do get them this box and they will love you forever!

Value review: The total value of this box comes out at about Php1350. This is pretty much on par with the previous Glamourboxes, so I’d say it’s pretty fair. It’s about twice the subscription cost of Php595. I like the fact that you get to sample a popular product (Bio-Oil) and a rather expensive brand (Mustela) without breaking the bank or committing too much.

Do visit Glamourbox to avail of this box. I believe there are still some available.

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    1. Will do! I’m liking it so far (after using it for like 3 days?) but of course I’m not seeing any effect yet. The box says it will take about a month or two of use before anything happens, but I’m hopeful!

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