Uses for TN Inserts

There are so many uses for traveler’s notebooks inserts, and lots of lists out there as well. Here’s my version of the list, the list of uses I had used for TN inserts.



I’ve had a lot of variations of planner over the past few months. Take a look at my layout tag for previous entries. I’ve tried weekly and daily layouts, and recently incorporated a monthly layout as well. Now I am about to transfer into the Hobonichi for my planning next year, which means I’ll be using almost exclusively a day-on-one-page kind of planning.


There’s not really any layout to my journaling. It’s basically just freeform writing in a blank insert, interspersed with everyday ephemera (movie tickets, etc) and brush calligraphy practice. With journaling, you can really do it the way you feel most comfortable with, since mostly journaling is for your eyes only. I’m planning to try other types of journaling, the more structured types. I’m thinking of doing prompted journaling for starters.

Memory Keeper


One of my recently started inserts, where I print out a photo per day and stick them all on the monthly layout that I made.  It does look a bit laborious, but the end result looks quite worth it!

Blog Planner


I’m using a layout of my own design, which works for my own blog schedule. I’m quite happy about it so far, but as soon as I’m done with this regular sized insert, I’m intending to move down into a field notes version.

Project Planner

There’s not really a straightforward way I’ve laid out my project planner insert. There’s just a list of what project is it I’m working on, what I need to do, what the due date is, who will be involved. There will be a different list for each project, and it’s all listed down in one insert. Right now I don’t feel like it is very efficient right now and definitely it will be revamped into a field notes sized version.

Brain Dump / Commonplace Book

This is yet another formless insert. It’s just a place I write down random things I think about, without any organization whatsoever. Brain dumps are meant to be messy, and it’s really just a way to help people process their chaotic thoughts.


Like the Brain Dump insert, it’s mostly a formless insert. The only difference is that there’s usually some sort of title before each section to denote what it is I’m taking notes about. Or, more recently, I’ve started dedicating particular inserts to particular subjects, especially those that I tend to take a lot of notes in. Two examples for this would be my diabetes notes and my work notes.

Work Log

Related to my work notes, my work log is basically a summary of the things I do for work each workday, in bullet form. It serves as a physical record of what I am working on and what I have accomplished, and a great way to help me remember things as well.

Medical Diary / Health Log

As a diabetic, there are a lot of health related things that I need to keep track of, and I need it to be handy. I decided to make a medical diary insert, to help me track all health related stuff that I do. It’s actually a pretty tiny insert (a Rhodia lined booklet) that can fit into the smallest of pockets so that it goes with me anywhere.

Washi Gallery / Tracker

I’m a washi tape addict, and I wanted to see each of my tapes laid out without having to unroll them. So I thought of making a sort of gallery to house all washi tapes I have, along with where I got them and how much I got them for.


There’s nothing special about this insert, except that it’s all about lists. Be it wishlists, shopping lists, brainstorm ideas, inventory lists, all of these go into that one insert. Right now I kind of have it in the same insert with the brain dump one, so it’s brain dumps interspersed with lists. Ideally though, lists would have their own separate insert so it would be easier to organize.


There we go! These are all the inserts I’ve done in some form or another. There are of course quite a lot more types or kinds or uses for inserts out there. What do you use your inserts for that are not on this list? Do share in the comments below, I’d love to read about them!

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