Visual Comparison of Traveler’s Notebook Sizes

At this point I have been able to try most of the more popular sizes of traveler’s notebooks. To give you a clearer idea of how they compare to each other, I took photos of each of the six sizes that I have: A5, Standard, Personal, Pocket, Passport, and Micro.



It’s pretty evident here that the A5 and Standard sizes have the same height. The rest of the sizes have a good distribution of heights all the way to the Micro.



Again, it’s pretty clear that the A5 and Standard have the same height, and differs only in the width. The Personal is squarely in the middle of the Pocket and Standard. The Pocket and the Passport are very near in size, but it’s also clear here that the Passport is a bit smaller in both height and width. The Micro is clearly the smallest.


Side by Side – The Bigger Sizes


Side by Side – The Tiny TNs

I hope that gives you a good idea of the relative sizes of these traveler’s notebooks. Please do note that the Midori TNs (Standard and Passport) can comfortably hold up to 3 inserts, but the rest of the other TNs pictured in this post can hold quite a lot more (some can hold up to six comfortably).

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