Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes in Petal Pusher and Walking on Eggshells

As an eyeshadow enthusiast, I find it a little embarrassing that I have not yet tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows. I have heard a lot of good things about their formula, and they are super cheap and cruelty-free as well! That is why I specifically asked WnW eyeshadows as a pasalubong from my mom when she went to the states late last year. These are the palettes she was able to snag for me.


Walking on Eggshells is a very popular palette because it is neutral. I like how light it is, and that it comes conveniently stamped with where on the lid the shades are supposed to go. One is of course not required to place it where suggested, but for the lazy girl this is a boon. Being a tiny palette also means it’s quite portable.

wnweyeshadows04 wnweyeshadows05

The browbone shade is a pearl/frosty white shade that sheers down when blended. The crease shade is a nice golden brown that looks shimmery on the arm but quite matte on the lid. The eyelid shade is a shimmery metallic pink that also sheers down when blended, but the shimmer is still quite visible even on the lid.


In this look I’ve followed the recommended way of application. I’m in love with the crease shade! It’s a really great crease color and will go well with neutral shadows from other palettes. I suspect it can even be worn alone as an all-over-color. This palette is definitely a hit!

wnweyeshadows08 wnweyeshadows09 wnweyeshadows10

Petal Pusher is something that is a bit out of my comfort zone. It is made up of darker plummy colors that may not be quite office appropriate, but we shall see. It is composed of eight shades, also stamped with the suggested lid locations. I gather that the shades in each column are supposed to go together, but they can also be mixed around.


Let’s take a look first at the left column. The browbone shade looks white in the pan, but leans more dusty matte cream on the arm. The eyelid shade is a matte light lilac. The crease shade is a deep matte eggplant, and looks really lovely! I had to google what a definer is, and yahoo answers gives me: “can be used as an eyeliner or out-corner color”. Well in this case, the definer is a shimmery cornflower blue that really goes well with the crease color.


Looking at the right column now, the browbone shade strangely look pink on the pan, but is actually a very light metallic lilac. The eyelid shade looks like a brownish mauve, while the crease shade is a nice matte dark brown. The definer looks like something basic black, but has a tiny bit of glitter. The glitter isn’t really all that visible on the eye, unfortunately (used here as eyeliner).


I have not tried most of Petal Pusher on the lids yet, since I cannot wear such dark colors in the office. I’m planning to try out individual colors with my neutrals at some point, but I expect the turn out to be just as good as Walking on Eggshells. I’m really digging that deep eggplant and the cornflower blue and I can’t wait to see how they look on my lids!

And by the way did I mention the arm swatches are made without primer? The hype is verified, these shadows really perform! I’m out to get some more palettes (because why not), specifically Comfort Zone (8-pan) and The Naked Truth (5-pan).

Have you tried out WnW eyeshadows? What are your favorites?

6 thoughts to “Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes in Petal Pusher and Walking on Eggshells”

  1. I have Walking on Eggshells and I absolutely love it! It’s actually one of my first eyeshadow palettes! 🙂 I don’t know about Petal Pusher though. I like another 8-pan WnW eyeshadow but I forget the shade name. It’s the one with the green-ish shades, if I’m not mistaken.

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