What Goes Into A Micro Insert

Before we go into what goes into a micro insert, let me first be clear what a micro TN is. It’s a very small TN, and can accept inserts sized 2.75×4″ or roughly 7x10cm. I first encountered it with one of my favorite TN artisans, Zenkraft. In fact, I was able to snag one which is my beautiful Red Zebra. It came with an Apica CD-7 notebook, a brand that I have not yet seen locally. I decided to not use this insert because it’s practically one-of-a-kind. Instead, I was able to find another insert that is readily available in National Bookstore.


This insert is by Victoria’s Journals, and it is the Venzi Mini Croc and of course I chose the metallic red cover. It is case bound, has ruled cream paper, and has a whopping 192 pages. I sure will not be running out of writing space anytime soon!


So what do I put in this tiny portable book? In the first photo, which is the one first seen when you open the Mini Croc, I put a sticky note that contains my uncategorized to-buy list. It’s not really a must-buy list, more of a buy-when-I-can list. The next page I hand-drew the February calendar. Opposite that I put in my thoughts about January as a whole. This last bit is actually a new thing that I am trying, where I try to evaluate how I performed each month according to certain categories such as no spend, health, blogging, and some others.


There are other more targeted shopping lists inside this insert as well. Here we see a drugstore shopping list. The opposite is just some random, almost illegible writing.


Another hand-drawn calendar, this time I did not even bother with the grids because I was feeling lazy this day. Opposite this is a page for testing inks. By the by, this insert can handle fountain pens that are medium or finer. There’s quite a good amount of ghosting which might bother some people.


In February I had quite a time battling a few illnesses, and I decided to list the progress of my symptoms in this insert. This came in handy when I visited my doctor, as I was able to show him this list and he was quickly able to proceed from there.


I also like having my diabetes stats at hand, so I pasted a copy in this insert.


Lastly, there are some pages where I let my daughter write or draw things especially when she’s bored. Here she wrote me the start of a list of books that she wants me to buy.

What else goes in here? Mostly random notes, lyrics of some songs I am recently liking, and reminders of things to write or do with my other notebooks. This really is a catch-all notebook for me, and having so many pages in here keeps me from thinking too much about neatness.



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