Zenkraft Red Zebra Micro Bifold

Zenkraft held a year-end sale which I faithfully stayed up for. There was one particular thing that I really wanted, which was shown in a preview. The competition was intense, but I’m very happy to have snagged that one thing I set out to buy. It is the Red Zebra Micro Bifold.


Red and black, how could I say no? The craftsmanship is superb as usual and the black striations in the leather is simply beautiful. The Micro is a new size that Zenkraft came out with, and this caters to inserts that are 2.75×4″ or roughly 7x10cm. My Red Zebra came with an Apica insert, which was quite a nice touch. The TN came protected in a cloth bag, and arrived around two weeks from date of shipping.


It is really tiny! This is my smallest TN thus far (not counting the Macata charm) and would work perfectly as my purse TN. It would not be very heavy given the size. The only possible problem I could see is the non-availability of ready-made inserts in this size, which really does not bother me too much given that I do make my own inserts.


Here it is beside its big brother, the Rustic Roadie A6. Overall I’m quite happy with my purchase. I just need to get my grail Zenkraft TN, and I think I should be set for a while.

4 thoughts to “Zenkraft Red Zebra Micro Bifold”

  1. Hi
    there are many Inserts that fit: Clairefontaine, Rhodia and Leuchtturm all make excellent A7 inserts with nice paper besides Apica.
    Your micro is beautiful, I would love one like that but including a reporters notepad holder.

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