Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6 TN

And what do you know? Yet another traveler’s notebook has landed, and this is my very first foreign non-Midori TN! I’ve been stalking Zenkraft for quite some time now, and I’ve seen how hard it is to get into the work queue due to the immense popularity and quality of his TNs. Hardly any Zenkrafts get resold in the secondary markets because, well, who would want to let go of these beauties? I had been really, really lucky to have been able to snag one when someone was destashing and I got on the waitlist (they got reserved pretty fast!). The primary buyer backed out, and as I was the next in line, I snapped it up right away! Thankfully the seller was willing to ship to the Philippines, and so after a long anxious month of waiting, I finally have it in my grasp. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my (like new) Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6 traveler’s notebook.


And oh my goodness, isn’t he handsome? I was aware of the high quality of his work from all the positive reviews I’ve been reading, but nothing compares to experiencing this quality first-hand. This leather is smooth and decently thick, but strangely soft. I now understand what some people mean when they say a certain leather is squishy. That word describes this leather quite perfectly.


The outer elastic is nice, decently thick, and springy. Both the outer and interior elastics are the same color and matches the color of the actual TN. The stitching is actually black thread, and the rivets are gold. The TN comes with a thinner, lighter colored string (non-elastic) that serves as built-in (but removable) bookmarks. Only one had a charm, which is a cute little metal hand with “Handmade” stamped on it. I’m not sure if there should have been two charms, but I’m definitely not complaining!


Under sunlight the leather looks a lot lighter in color compared to indoors. This photo shows the Rustic Roadie in artificial light, and it looks quite dark.


The main reason I was interested in getting this was to be the cover for my new Hobonichi A6 (which I will talk about in another post). Here it is with the Hobonichi installed in the inner two elastics, leaving the outer two elastics free to receive maybe folders or zip pockets. The TN itself came with inner pockets. Here the front one is a full-length pocket with a small slit that can fit a narrow card like this washi sampler.


The back pocket is also full-length, but does not have a slit. I’m still quite not believing that I was able to get this one, and I’m completely in love. I’m hoping to be able to get another Zenkraft, maybe in the FN size, because why stop at one?


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  1. This looks so cozy! To us, bloggers, having a travelling notebook is a must. It’s really useful to jot some notes instantly. That peach one attracts my eyes!

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